Jeffrey Funk Will Be the Guest of InnoKOL Season4 E17

2022/12/20 Innoverview Read

Dr. Jeffrey Funk, the Technology Consultant will be the guest of InnoKOL interview Season4 Episode17 on Dec.22nd (GMT+8), to share his unique work experience and profound insights on how new technologies emerge and diffuse.


After working in a semiconductor factory for two years and receiving his PhD from Carnegie Mellon, Jeffrey was one of the first to recognize the potential for smart phones during the late 1990s and early 2000s in Japan, and he worked with several Western companies (e.g., Bougyues Telecom and Nokia). He was also recommending to mobile service providers as early as 2004 that they should focus on apps long before the iPhone was released in 2007. The research done as part of this consulting earned him the NTT DoCoMo mobile science award in 2004.

He was also one of the first to recognize that new technologies were not quickly diffusing and that most were vastly overhyped. His Linkedin account reports daily on this evidence and the need for better assessments of new technologies. He is conversant in economic assessments of VR, AR, AI, 5G, delivery drones, smart homes, wearables, and many others.