Monte Singman Will Be the Guest of Innokol Season4 E16

2022/12/08 Innoverview Read

Mr. Monte Singman, the CEO of Miracle Universe & Chief Gaming Officer of Anarchy Games will be the guest of InnoKOL interview Season4 Episode16 on Dec.9th (GMT+8), to share his 36 years work experience and profound insights on game business.


Monte sits on multiple advisory boards and serves as a mentor for four venture capital firms, as well as the chief gaming officer for several projects. Prior to Lemuria, Monte licensed Sega's Sonic Dash at JinKe Culture Industry Co. Ltd. in China. Before JinKe, Monte was the VP of international business development at iDreamSky, where he successfully brought games such as Monument Valley, Toy Blast, and Gardenscapes, among others, into the Chinese market. Monte formed a strategic partnership with Mail.RU in 2019 and licensed Gordon Ramsay's IP to create Gordon Ramsay Chef Blast with OutPlay in the UK.

Monte is an honorary professor at Shanghai Theatre Academy and was responsible for designing the virtual USA Pavilion at World Expo Shanghai 2010. Monte is fluent in Mandarin and English and has expertise in bridging Eastern and Western gaming markets, with an in-depth understanding of both cultures' values and styles. He is an entrepreneur with expertise in building companies that focus on content and technology, especially in the mobile and online game industry. Monte is also the founder of IGDA Shanghai Chapter.