Dr. Guo Dazhi Will Be the Guest of InnoKOL Season4 E18

2022/12/22 Innoverview Read

Dr. Guo Dazhi, the Chief Researcher of the Research Center of Digital Economy at Draper Dragon Capital  will be the guest of InnoKOL interview Season4 Episode18 on Dec.28th (GMT+8), to share his unique work experience and profound insights on technology trends, blockchain applications and investment areas.

Dr.Guo is the Economics Ph.D, graduated from Central University of Finance and Economics. He serves as the Chief Researcher of the Research Center of Digital Economy in Draper Dragon Capital and the Former Chief Researcher fellow in Huobi Academy of Blockchain Application. Dr.Guo is the Author of "Blockchain: reshaping the economy and the world" (CITIC Publishing House) , "the application of blockchain in the insurance industry” included in the "Chinese Fintech Development Report 2017" (Social Scientific Publishing House) and "Internet Revolution—Web3.0"(CITIC Publishing House). with rich experience in technology trend, blockchain application and investment areas, he also participates in the establishment and optimization of SMARTChain blockchain assets assessment model.