Vitor Pereira will be the Guest of InnoKOL Interview S3 E11

2021/12/22 Innoverview Read

Mr. Vitor Pereira the Co-Founder of ZOOM GLOBAL SMART CITIES ASSOCIATION will be the guest of InnoKOL interview S3 E11 on Dec.27thGMT+8), to share his unique working experience and the deep insights on developing roadmaps and strategies for Smart Cities, Smart Regions and Smart Tourism.


Vitor Pereira is the Miracle Aligner, Innovator & Dreamer of a better world through Creative and Smart Cities. As a Journalist and Communication Expert, Creative and Visionary Strategist and Deep Thinker, he is also part of the exclusive shortlist of ‘pioneers’ for the Smart Cities topics discussions.


He was first awarded with the prize of Personality of the Year Smart Cities Live 2015 (Portugal), awarded for the first time within the frame of the Green Business Week, an initiative of the AIP Foundation. He also won the Winner of THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD 1st edition 2018, an initiative from “Smart to Future” (UK’s Global Smart Cities event).