Stephen Laundy will be the Guest of InnoKOL Interview Season4 Episode11

2022/09/30 Innoverview Read

Mr. Stephen Laundy, the Managing Director of Fashion Compass London Limited will be the guest of InnoKOL interview Season4 Episode11 on Oct.7th (GMT+8), to share his unique work experience and profound insights on global market expansion strategy for brands.


Stephen works with fashion, lifestyle, outdoor brands from all countries to get, agents, distributors & e/retail partners in new markets & their domestic markets if needed. Startup, medium sized wholesale, retail & ecommerce. Clients from Europe, U.S., Australia, Japan, brands from all countries to enter markets in all zones, U.S., Euro, Asia and more. Stephen has 11000+ agents/ distributors & retail partners globally. Clients are brands from all over the world Luxury, Premium and Commercial Brands, Retail & Designer Collections.


Stephen has introduced for example: U.S. brands to Europe and Asia, Canadian Brands to Scandinavia, Asian Brands to EMEA, Australian to U.S. & N.Z., China brands to India and naturally Europe and UK entry.