AIFOX charity in progress, has assisted poor people in many places in Colombia

2022/09/28 Innoverview Read

According to media reports, AIFOX quantitative platform is continuing to practice the road of charity, AIFOX South America team with physical action, has been in Colombia province hills, Simon bolivar, Ciudad de Bogotá, Sekto Paraiso & sektor Alpes, Ciudad Bolivar, En Cúcuta - Norte de Santander, En nuevo horizonte, Cúcuta, providing material assistance and volunteer services to the poor, the homeless, women and children in order to promote the global voice of charity.

It is reported that AIFOX, as a one-stop platform for global digital assets intelligent trading, is committed to providing global users with safe, convenient and reliable digital assets intelligent quantitative trading services. The recent continued promotion of charitable causes also reflects AIFOX's intention to promote the globalization of the brand.