WXL's first CoinUp: Digital twin, digital native and virtual reality

2022/07/21 Innoverview Read

The WXL public chain is created by WXL Lab, a Hong Kong-based lab founded by Jonathan Cheung, a senior blockchain programmer who returned to Hong Kong from Silicon Valley, and a team of members from Apple Inc, Huawei, Microsoft and other top technology companies in the world.


WXL is a metaverse platform based on the cutting-edge technology of block chain, and its underlying programming language is the latest WXL public chain. Its public chain ecology covers the decentralized Defi, DEX, cross-chain protocol, staboin, IDO incubation, Gamefi and NFT of the metaverse, and is committed to the comprehensive exploration and layout of the metaverse, providing effective solutions and new logic for the whole Defi ecology.


WXL laboratory will VR/MR/AR equipment as the original universe of the underlying carrier, the depth of positioning in yuan universe, committed to achieving, virtual time, there is no boundary between the real world the interconnectivity of feeling, aimed at creating a parallel to the physical world yuan universe parallel space, break the continuity of space and time, extend the boundary of the real world. WXL has established the development path of the metaverse with visualization, three-dimensional, interactive and metaverse as the main line, and gradually realize digital twin, digital original and virtual reality.

Based on POS (Proof of Stake), which is the Proof of Stake mechanism, WXL public chain develops a set of intelligent contract system with high throughput, high scalability and high reliability. Based on this smart contract system, WXL LABS has designed a rigorous native incentive system for WXL Token so that consensual partners can contribute to the prosperity of the community. WXL Token works like ETH on Ethereum. The advantage of the WXL Token is that it does not incur the same huge gas fees as the Ethereum chain. The allocation mechanism of WXL Token is 45% in mining pool. Public offering 8%. Marketing 8%; Liquidity 9%; WXL Research Institute 13%; ZJ founding team 7%; YSM Foundation 10%.


WXL public chain is committed to creating the world's first resource-oriented, developer-friendly smart contract programming language -- it has the practical advantages of contract programming language, such as high response speed, scalability, etc. It is forward-looking in the industry and deeply integrates smart contracts with Web3.0 technology to create a common public chain in the open metaverse.


WXL will launch on the CoinUp exchange at 7 am on July 22 with a market price of 0.007U, with a total issue of 7 billion and a circulation of 630 million. Users can follow CoinUp's official announcement for details.