Marketing in 2022: H1 by the numbers

2022/07/15 Innoverview Read

On budget

9.5% Average total company revenue allotted for marketing, up from 6.4% in 2021 (source: Gartner)

70% of CMOs report budget increases in the past year (source: Gartner)

56% of budgets are spent in online areas (source: Gartner)

10.1% of digital budgets go to social advertising, followed by paid search at 9.8% (source: Gartner)

18.8% of offline budgets go to event marketing and 15.3% to sponsorships (source: Gartner)

The new consumer

60% believe brands should reconsider doing business in Russia (source: Gartner)

45% have not felt true happiness in more than 2 years (source: Oracle)

90% are more likely to remember an ad if it is funny (source: Oracle)

Ad it up

$44.4B Expected IRL advertising spend in 2022, falling $0.7 billion short of pre-pandemic levels. (source: WARC)

$534B Media owners’ expected revenues from digital formats (search, social, video, banners, digital audio) (source: Magna)

$68B Media owners’ expected revenues from digital video, up 16% from the year prior (source: Magna)

Well versed

60% of adults don’t understand the purpose of the metaverse (source: Insider Intelligence)

18% of consumers are excited about the metaverse, while 21% are concerned about the impact the metaverse might have (source: Gartner)

79% of people who use the internet connect with games in some way (source: NewZoo)

52% of Generation Alpha gamers spend money on games (source: NewZoo)

76% of gamers view Nike positively, compared with 61% of nongamers (source: NewZoo)

Data concerns

49% of both CPG and retailers respondents want better data quality for visual ads (source: Merkle)

35% are prioritizing first-party data (source: Merkle)

33% of advertisers see finding a retail media network to partner with as a top-two priority (source: Merkle)

48% of advertisers are strongly confident in their company’s ability to target across channels (source: Merkle)

CMO mindset

51% of CMOs are women for the first time (source: Spencer Stuart)

15% of CMOs were from traditionally underrepresented racial or ethnic groups (source: Spencer Stuart)

40 months The average CMO tenure, less than half that of CEOs at 85 months (source: Spencer Stuart)

58% of CMOs said they do not have the tools they need to achieve strategy objectives (source: Gartner)

71% of CMOs are reevaluating the role that marketing needs to play to achieve their long-term vision (source: Gartner)

TV connects

43% of advertisers want to know when to activate CTV and other video media (source: Merkle)

43% of DTC marketers who spent money on CTV in the first half of 2021 plan on spending more in the first half of 2022 (source: Digital Remedy)

24% of DTC marketers named advanced targeting capabilities as the top benefit of CTV/OTT (source: Digital Remedy)

10% The average marketing budget allocation for CTV/OTT by DTC marketers (source: Digital Remedy)

Social work

67% of advertisers report prioritizing paid social media more this year than in 2021 (source: Merkle)

86% of American adults between the ages of 18 and 75 have at least one social media account (source: Gartner)

1.6B The number of TikTok users worldwide (source:

38.3 minutes The amount of time users spend per day on TikTok, less than the 45.6 minutes spent on YouTube (source: Insider Intelligence)

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