First Speakers Announced for Global Web3 Eco Innovation Summit – Singapore

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On July 14, 2022, the first Global Web3 Eco Innovation Summit -Singapore(GWEI 2022 – Singapore) will open at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center in Singapore!

The Summit focused on Web3 and is jointly hosted by 8BTC’s new overseas brand “DeFiDAONews” and Singapore University of Social Sciences(SUSS), one of the six public universities in Singapore.

Today, we will announce 10 speakers from different fields. They are from Singapore’s monetary authority, financial service institutions, scientific research universities, media, trading platforms, investment institutions, games and DAOs.

Let’s take a look at them.

Sopnendu Mohanty: Chief FinTech Officer of Monetary Authority Of Singapore(MAS)


Singapore has long been considered one of the most crypto-friendly countries, and recently, MAS has partnered with the financial industry to launch Project Guardian to test the feasibility of asset tokenization and DeFi applications; To manage financial stability and integrity risks and help Singapore become one of the hubs of decentralized finance.

As Chief FinTech Officer, Sopnendu Mohanty is very familiar with Singapore’s policy logic and future direction in Web3. He once said that technology is changing with each passing day, and innovators and regulators must have the mentality and thinking of trial and error and experimentation, and jointly carry out trials and revise through trial and error, research, and experimentation.

David Lee Kuo Chuen: Chairman of Global Fintech Institute

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David Lee is the Vice President of Economic Society of Singapore(ESS) and a professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences(SUSS). He is one of the iconic figures in the blockchain industry in Singapore. He said that Singapore is a major “node” in global finance or a key “node” for the development of the blockchain industry, rather than a financial “center” or a blockchain “center”. “Decentralization” is the “mainstream spirit” of Singapore’s development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

For GWEI 2022 – Singapore, he hopes that the participants can find the direction of the industry development together, reach a consensus, and then work together to achieve it.

Deng Chao: CEO of HashKey Capital Singapore

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Deng Chao once worked in Bosera Asset Management, Wanxiang Group, and DataYes, and has more than ten years of experience in asset management and financial technology. As an investment institution, HashKey Capital has invested in more than 600 blockchain companies including Ethereum, Polkadot, and Filecoin.

Deng Chao once described his three investment perspectives: ecological thinking, endgame thinking and embracing innovation. “If we just chase hotspots and trends, it’s hard to know where it will end up. We first judge where distributed finance will go and what are its characteristics, and then reversely judge which projects are worth investing in.”

Jun Du: Co-founder of Huobi Group

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Jun Du left Tencent in 2013 and founded crypto exchange Huobi together with Lin Li, then left Huobi in 2017, and then founded the blockchain media “Jinse Finance”, and raised funds to establish “Node Capital”. Returning to Huobi in 2020 to oversee the company’s overall marketing and branding strategy.

Jianing Yu: President of Huobi University

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Jianing Yu is a Ph.D. in economics, an authoritative blockchain and Metaverse expert in China, and the proponent of industrial blockchain. He used to be the director of the Industrial Economics Research Institute of the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. He is currently the executive director of the Metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation and the president of Huobi University. He said: Web 3.0, as a “readable + writable + ownable” value Internet, entrusts users with real data autonomy and solves problems such as data monopoly, privacy violation and evil practices of Internet giants in the Era of Web 2.0 with a new organizational form and business model.

Roland Schwinn: Head of Business Development & Partnerships of Sygnum

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Roland Schwinn was head of Eurex Asia, the derivatives exchange of Deutsche Börse Group, where he led global partnerships with other exchanges. Previously he was Head of Business Development for Asia Pacific and Middle East at Eurex.

Sygnum, a digital asset technology group with a Swiss banking license and a Singapore Capital Markets Services (CMS) license, has received in-principle approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to carry out three other regulated activities under its CMS license. Sygnum will be able to leverage its existing tokenization and corporate financing capabilities to provide Singapore-based innovative asset managers and Web3 players with fully regulated financing solutions covering the entire value chain.

Debbie Lee: Founder and CEO of TechStorm

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Lee is an avid Web 3 enthusiast, digital asset adopter, eSports enthusiast, thought leader in eSports, and winner of the 2020 Singapore 100 Women in Tech. TechStorm, founded by her, is an international brand in the fields of e-sports, video games, and media, and has a high reputation in Southeast Asia and other regions.

Dr. Xia Yang: Founder and CEO of Beosin

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Xia Yang is an associate professor and post-doctoral fellow at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. She has been engaged in research on security technologies such as blockchain security, virtual currency anti-money laundering and supervision, formal verification, kernel security, mobile device security, and TEE for 20 years. She has applied for more than 50 related patents for more than 50 national blockchain security-related topics, and participated in establishing blockchain security standards in many countries. Beosin, founded by her, is a Web3 security company headquartered in Singapore, with more than 100 team members and 85% of technical staff. At present, it has provided security audit and defense deployment services for more than 2,000 smart contracts and more than 100 blockchain platforms around the world.

Chao Wang: Web3 researcher, contributor of BanklessDAO and FWB

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Chao Wang has more than 10 years of management experience in the IT industry. He began to pay attention to Bitcoin in 2013 and is the former co-founder of Bitpie Wallet. Today, Qiao Wang is an extremely active influencer in the DAO field, and he said that his energy has been dispersed among several DAOs. He emphasized that DAO must pay attention to the synergy of culture and values. Culture can’t be designed, gather good partners with good dreams, set goals and work together, and culture will naturally occur in the process.

Gavin Qu: Partner of 8BTC

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Gavin began to pay attention to Bitcoin in 2013, and was invited to join 8BTC as a partner in 2014. He is one of the early evangelists of Bitcoin and blockchain in China. In the years when the public lacked awareness of Bitcoin and blockchain, he led the 8BTC community to continuously explore the boundaries of blockchain technology, promoted the popularity of blockchain culture in the Chinese community, and made it a trend symbol.

Joseph Thompson: CEO and Co-founder of AID:Tech

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Joseph Thompson is experienced in management consulting with expertise in strategic IT management. At the United Nations General Assembly, he was nominated as one of the 10 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) pioneers in 2017 as a pioneer in blockchain technology.

AID:Tech, founded in 2014, is dedicated to the use of blockchain technology for digitization and delivery in areas such as aid, welfare, remittances, donations and healthcare. Recently, AID:Tech signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SmartMesh and MeshBox. The three parties will work together to provide decentralized financial inclusion solutions for emerging markets.

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The first Global Web3 Eco Innovation Summit – Singapore invites the world’s most influential crypto teams, experts and scholars, academic institutions, investment research institutions, government and enterprise executives and other industry leaders and opinion leaders to discuss the development of the Web3 industry. The above ten speakers are only a part of the invited guests of this summit. Want to know who else will attend? Please visit the official website of the Summit:

In 2022, Metaverse, NFT, GameFi, DAO, DeFi and other new things in the Web3 era are completely rewriting traditional business models and reshaping the global digital business landscape. A new digital era is opening. GWEI 2022 – Singapore will be the first large-scale offline Web3 annual event in Southeast Asia. Global Web3 practitioners can speak freely, work together and explore new opportunities in the Web3 era.

In July, here in Singapore, join the industry leader to explore Web3!

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