Adobe stakes its claim in the metaverse with AR/VR tools

2022/03/15 Innoverview Read

Adobe believes that the metaverse is going to blur the distinctions between the digital world and the physical world, and it wants to provide the tools to enable that.

That’s one of the main messages of the Adobe Summit 2022 that kicks off today. The Adobe Summit 2022 is fully virtual and powered by Adobe Experience Cloud, which is now used by 75% of Fortune 100 companies.

“Increasingly, we’re using the digital world to do things that we once only did in the physical world. The ongoing
conversation on the metaverse reflects the fact that the distinction between what people do in the physical and virtual world is blurring,” said Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe, in a statement.

Adobe sees metaverses or virtual worlds and other immersive experiences as the new wave of digital interaction. These
immersive experiences will include metaverses — rich, persistent, shared interactive experiences with collaboration and co-creation, as well as fully functioning shared economies — along with other experiences targeted to shopping, job training, play and gaming, education, remote meetings, cultural experiences, and more.

(Source: VentureBeat Adobe stakes its claim in the metaverse with AR/VR tools | VentureBeat)