Greenfield Capital Group Invests in AI TEA, Setting the 2019 Smart Tea Trend

2019/08/02 Innoverview Read

Greenfield Capital Group is collaborating with the leading smart food and beverage solutions providers and robotic system integrators to create the world's leading fully automated smart tea shop, AI TEA.

Greenfield Capital Group recently announced that the company is optimistic about the huge market potential of artificial intelligence and smart manufacturing in the new retail sector and will invest heavily in the AI TEA Smart Tea Workshop project. Mr. Frank Zheng, the Chairman and Chief Economist of Greenfield Capital Group, stated: "Investing in AI TEA's fully automated smart tea shop is an important step for Greenfield Capital Group in the field of artificial intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence has provided new opportunities and solutions for traditional industries. This is the core value of artificial intelligence technology, as well as the core basis for artificial intelligence to represent the most advanced productivity."


Mr. Frank Zheng, the Chairman and Chief Economist of Greenfield Capital Group

Greenfield Capital Group is a leading global service provider specializing in global investment services, US listing services, offshore financial services and digital free trade zone services. After ten years of development, Greenfield Capital Group has gradually formed an industrial ecosystem with a focus on global investment service, with US listing services as the left wing, offshore financial services as the right wing, and the digital free trade zone as a specialty service. The company has formed five regional business clusters, including Greenfield Caribbean, Greenfield Europe, Greenfield North America, Greenfield Middle East and Greenfield Greater China.

AI TEA's fully automated smart tea shop is one of the first institutions in the world to apply artificial intelligence and industrial 4.0 technology to the traditional food and beverage industry. AI TEA transforms the traditional industries with artificial intelligence and robotics, cloud computing and big data, and industrial 4.0 technologies, which will all greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve product quality and safety.

Currently, AI TEA's fully automated smart tea shop has signed contracts to invest in the transformation of tens of thousands of stores for more than ten famous tea chain brands. The company is dedicated to building a global network of intelligence tea brewing.

The services of AI TEA's fully automated smart tea shop include:

Intellectualize tea brands: The artificial intelligence investment and transformation of the chain stores of the contracted tea brands, achieving 60% holding of all stores for AI TEA. The number of chain stores currently under the contracted tea brands is about 10,000, by the end of 2019 AI TEA will complete the transformation for 2,000 stores.

Celebrity tea brand incubation: Collaborating with celebrities to launch celebrity tea brands, generate sales through social media and fan culture. In 2019, ten celebrity tea brands will be contracted and incubated.

Intelligence store new retail: Selling third-party products through stores, including physical goods, electronic goods and advertising media. It is estimated that sales of third-party goods will reach 20% of tea sales in 2019.

AI TEA has established a network of AI TEA's fully automated smart tea shops around the world through investments and intelligence transformations of tea chain stores. This network provides customized product processing services for tea brands and comprehensive operational services for celebrity tea brands.

The modified AI TEA Smart Tea Chain Store will be able to produce ultra-high-quality tea products, reduce labor costs by 80%, achieve high standards of hygiene and reduce one-third of the required operational area. After customers order with self-service through the mobile App, the robot immediately starts to make milk tea, and the packaged milk tea is directly sent to the take-out cabinet by the robot. The entire process takes only about 60 seconds. Compared to traditional tea stores, AI TEA intelligence workshop has very outstanding advantages.

AI TEA's fully automated smart tea shop ensures product quality through the digital control (authentic taste of the product), ensures consistent product taste through standardized production process (consistent product standards), and guarantees product hygiene and safety through unmanned intelligent workshops (no human-related pollution). At the same time, each store only needs one employee to restock the raw materials. A single store can save 6-8 service personnel and an average of 300,000RMB to 400,000RMB in labor costs per year. Building an AI TEA's fully automated smart tea shop requires only 9-12 square meters of space. Compared to the traditional milk tea stores, it saves nearly half of the rent expense. It is very suitable for universities, hospitals, playgrounds, subway and skytrain stations, airports, train stations, terminals, scenic sites and landmarks, shopping centers, supermarkets, office buildings, industrial parks and other similar locations.

AI Tea has signed contracts to renovate more than ten famous chain tea brands, and is preparing to open new stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York, and Vancouver, Canada. In the future, the company will control more than 10,000 tea stores and its annual turnover will exceed 15 billion RMB, the total annual profit will exceed 1.5 billion RMB. AI Tea plans to be listed on NASDAQ in the US in 2020. AI TEA is currently conducting its PRE A round of financing, the initial financing amount is 50 million RMB, accounting for 10% of the shares.

The global service sector is entering a period of rapid development with technological innovations and business model innovations. Artificial intelligence has set off a new wave of revolutionary consumption upgrades, leading the direction for the industry and capital investments. In line with the "Artificial Intelligence+" technology wave, Greenfield Capital Group will work with various partners to invest and transform tea chain brands through smart tea solutions and build a global AI TEA-controlled smart tea chain network.

(SOURCE Greenfield Capital Group)