Verizon Business now provides IoT connectivity across 170 countries

2021/05/06 Innoverview Read

 Verizon Business is taking its IoT connectivity global with coverage in 170 countries around the world.

The operator’s ThingSpace solution aims to provide all the tools needed to prototype, test, connect and manage IoT devices on Verizon’s network.

Permanent roaming options are now available across North America and Western Europe all on a single SIM—providing enterprises with the flexibility they need to monitor a wide array of IoT devices.

Tami Erwin, CEO at Verizon Business, said:

“The Internet of Things is changing the way businesses monitor devices and increasing the strategic business value of the data collected.

The number of IoT devices is growing exponentially and organizations prefer to align with a trusted technology partner who can offer the technical expertise and geo-scale they require.

Our global IoT connectivity services are all underpinned by Verizon’s years of expertise and industry-leading ThingSpace platform, not to mention a path to evolving into 5G Massive IoT.”

IDC estimates (PDF) that around 152,200 IoT devices will connect every minute by 2025.

ThingSpace provides a large partner ecosystem and is available to any US multinational company with fixed or mobile connectivity requirements.

Enterprises can deploy IoT devices with permanent roaming across the UK, Canada, and over 10 European markets.

More information about ThingSpace’s global IoT connectivity – including a full coverage map – is available here.

(Source: IoT News )