Digital Transformation Advocates and Mentors Philippe Gerwill: From Globalization to Global Localization

2020/11/19 Innoverview Read

The 17th China Manufacturing International Forum, co-hosted by the International Union of Manufacturing Industry and the School of Management of Zhejiang University, co-organized by Tianjin Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Tianjin Aibo Rui Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., was held from November 18 to 22. This year's forum is virtual and brings  a number of special forums on different topics during the 5-day forum week. On the 18th, Philippe Gerwill, the advocate and mentor of digital transformation, delivered a keynote speech at the main forum of "The Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry empowered by the Combination of standard and Innovation".

The wave of digital transformation has advanced rapidly worldwide, particularly during the new crown epidemic and worldwide blockades. In China, the pace of digital transformation is even more alarming, almost to everything from online education, online office, e-commerce, express delivery services and other community services. "Philippe Gerwill said :" Manufacturing and the supply chain as a whole have been hit harder, so reflection on the old business model is essential. "

Affected by the epidemic, many factories have to reduce their personnel in terms of safety, but eliminating human factors in the production process not only means that the production of new products is almost zero, but also means that the project may be shut down. At the same time, while most manufacturing enterprises have resumed work, they have only adopted measures of alienation, which often have a negative impact on productivity, and many have made up for losses by extending working hours. This situation is unsustainable in the long run.

On the other hand, by means of home work, online teaching, development or meetings, the digital transformation will be further integrated into the manufacturing field to further reduce the risk of workshop operators. Mature intelligent manufacturing solutions that have been used in some industries will soon be replicated and further innovative in manufacturing.

"Chinese companies are always eager to align their performance with other world-class companies ," Philippe Gerwill said on the theme. However, they should not forget that now more and more top-class enterprises, especially in manufacturing and high-tech fields, are Chinese enterprises. Using some local companies as role models may become more effective, as these are examples that work in China and have solved some cultural challenges. "

"We need to learn that globalization should move towards global localization and find a better balance in the process of global localization. "Philippe Gerwill concluded :" From the focus of China's next five years and the highlights of the recently drafted fourteenth five-year plan for 2021-2025, I found that China has embarked on the path from old globalization to what I call global localization. "

(Source: Sina Finance )