InnoKOL | Mr. Vladimir Nikitin: The future of fintech is to be user friendly

2020/10/30 Innoverview Read

On Oct.30th (UTC+8), We had a fascinating conversation with Mr.Vladimir Nikitin, the Co-Founder of SpaceSwap, talking about his unique work experience and deep insights on the opportunities and challenges of DeFi’s development. 


Jokia: How would you describe yourself in three words? What’s your motto?

Vladimir: Dedicated Professional, speaker, businessman


My motto: Do it well and everything will work out


Jokia: Can you please share more about your educational and professional background? And we’d love to hear what brought you to blockchain.

Vladimir: I am a professional lawyer, the financial manager. I have launched IT-project in 2014 and this project was a similar to the blockchain technology and after I start to study about blockchain, transparency, but I was totally involved into blockchain space since 2017.

I have worked with the several exchanges and ICO bench.


Jokia: Do you agree that DeFi is a parallel world of traditional finance? Compared with traditional finance, what are the advantages and disadvantages of DeFi?

Vladimir: I would agree and not, for today DeFi ecosystem is only growing and at the beginning stage. Some of the traditional finance services will be upgraded and transform because DeFi services.


DeFi is on a way to change a whole world, but classic financial system will not give up and will fight, it will depend on all people what they want to choose: financial freedom or millions of rules with many KYC, compliances.



Jokia: Whether DEX or CEX trust crisis has always existed, how should the security of DeFi platform be guaranteed?

Vladimir: There is not so much security, only 10 projects from 100 passing audit. Here is the important to have a fully transparent and safety smart-contract, many things are depending on good developers, like we have at SpaceSwap. And please pay attention only for the audited projects.


Jokia: Does the heat of the DeFi continue to heat up? What is the next market hot spot?

Vladimir: I believe that DeFi only at the beginning stage and people will see another grate wave before end of this year and really huge wave next year will come and SpaceSwap will be ready for that, because we are developing an interesting service.


Jokia: The future of fintech in 10 to 15 years relies on security and improving authentication methods for companies to ensure users’ identity across their online service offerings. What will fuel the future of fintech?

Vladimir: The future of fintech is to be user friendly, like DeFi services then fintech companies will grow up.


Jokia: A conducive regulatory environment is vital to protect consumers and foster growth and innovation within the investment industry. Do you favor more of a hands-off approach or clear-cut regulations just like in traditional finance?

Vladimir: I would like to have a clear-clever-cut regulation. Because it will help users and will do the industry more transparent. So if smart countries like was Estonia will do a smart regulation so they will attract many projects to their jurisdictions.