B·Summer 2020」 “Enjoy Yourself”Blockchain Carnival in Shenzhen August 28th

2020/08/19 Innoverview Read

「B·Summer 2020」, Powered by Bzone, Shenzhen Media Group Financial Channel and China ThrivalTech Group, is a Blockchain Carnival that is going to present the whole Blockchain industry with the coolest ever Blockchain party in the vibrant city of Shenzhen on  August 28th!

This 1000-participants event is definately a Convergence of Blockchain, Crypto, Fashion, Design and Entrepreneurship, where you can expand your business connections in China Blockchain Ecosystem while having fun and enjoying yourself at the Blockchain Summer Carnival!

Date: 17:00-24:00, August 28th

Venue: Sheraton Shenzhen Greater China

Scale: 1000-Participants

Highlights of the Carnival includes(with plenty of surprises as well:

1. B-Opening: Grand release of a 3-minute blockchain industry ad featuring renowned global forerunners in the Blockchainpto/Fintech space: Amber Group, Consensus Lab, FBG Capital, HOO Exchange, Cointelegraph, China ThrivalTech Group, Nervos, Block VC, FCH, etc.

2. B-Show: “Fashion Show” by 10 Global leading Blockchain companies, like Binance, OKEX, Huobi, HOO, etc. to showcase their unique corporate culture;

3. B-Ted: Ted-Styled Speeches by 6-selected Industry Leaders to broaden your horizons, Explore what’s possible in Blockchain;

4. B-Talk: High-level panel with world-famous experts from finance and blockchain space. Part of the panelists: Race Chen (Investor of Bzone, Cofounder of HOO Exchange), Omer Ozden (RockTree Capital  CEO &Founder), Michael Wu (Cofounder & CEO)Jocy(IOSG Ventures Founding Partner), Matthew Graham(CEO of Sino Global Capital)Alex Egorov (ZILD CEO&FOUNDER);

5. B-Party: Enjoy the crypto Summer party with DJ Live; Round of “Surprises”with large amount of red-envelops sharing, gifts-giving, etc.

6. Hundreds of crypto communities;

7. 1000-Participants on site and live broadcast by Shenzhen Media Group Financial Channel through multiple platforms