Digital Week Online snapshot – an unpreceded 48-hours Global online event!

2020/06/03 Innoverview Read

Digital Week Online, one of the largest global innovation events held on 25-29th May, is finished.

Led by 48-hours non-stop online conference with 24-hours focused on the blockchain and 24-hours on innovation, the event truly united the best speakers and audience around the Globe. From Asia to North America and LATAM we brought together entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, innovators, government organizations. More than 50 professional investors joined the conference, 18 startups successfully pitched their projects. 

Below you can find the coverage of the most interesting topics and video-recordings.

Blockchain Day – May 26-27th 2020

"Libra effect" by Dave Chapman, Executive director BC Group and OSL. Exciting insights about the potential and perspectives of cryptocurrency developed by social media giant. 

OSL is the region’s institutional gateway to global digital asset capital markets, and provides SaaS, brokerage, exchange and custody services for institutions and professional investors. OSL Exchange is recently launched with the single login feature to allow customers trade and interact across OTC brokerage, exchange and insured custody. Check out the link here for more information:

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“World Top Crypto Exchanges Insights on the Market Trends and Possibilities” - the panel top-managers of largest exchanges: OKEX, BitForex, Huobi, BiONE covered hottest topics and forecasts provided by market leaders.

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“Derivatives and Futures” discussion with Ryan Rabaglia (Head of Trading OSL) and Gabriel Zanko. Key trends, impact of COVID19 on the market, forecasts and opportunities from experts.

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Innovation day – May 27-28th 2020

"The state of Asian tech: where are we today and what’s next?" - one of the most insightful panels with top-level speakers from InvestHK, SOSV, TSANGS GROUP, moderated by CEO of Jumpstart Magazine Relena Sei. 

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"Why VR is going to take over the new reality" by Alex Blagirev (Sensorium Corporation).

Sensorium Galaxy aims to promote the use of Social VR. As part of this campaign, Sensorium became a Platinum sponsor of Digital Week Online. On May 27th Alex Blagirev,  Chief Digital & Investor Relations Officer,  gave a talk on why VR is going to take over the new reality.

More information about Sensorium:

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Digital Week Online May 2020 edition is finished but we will not stop the development of the community and networking platform. More events are coming soon. Stay tuned and subscribe on our YouTube channel to watch more videos from the event: