InnoKOL | Mr.Valdrin Dervishaj : Growing personally and helping society to improve

2020/05/27 Innoverview Read

On May 27th(UTC+8), we had great honor of interviewing Mr. Valdrin Dervishaj the Chief Innovation Officer at SIGAL UNIQA and Lecturer of Universum College.He shared the deep insights in  the roots of innovation, developments and tendencies.

Jokia: How would you describe yourself in three words? What’s your motto?


The three words that would describe me as lecture, innovator and manager of a department that deals with Innovation on three words is difficult. The words that in essence express the aspects that construct the profile of an innovator are 1st, I have a tendency to show trust and very early adopter in terms of innovation. I support Innovation with all my resources. Let's say financially and non-financially-intellectually in general. My personal tendency is to grow personally and help society to improve. 

Jokia: Can you please share more about your educational and professional background? And we’d love to hear what brought you to be a lecturer in innovation management.


I come from a middle-class family. Mainly all my ancestors or family members used to work on official positions. Let's say government and local level positions. I am the only one who went out of this series. An intrapreneur and entrepreneur, this was a difficult decision. Not only for me but also for my family, they had resistance to my choice.

But I resisted till this to these challenges. That I may face and I'm a faced. Being an entrepreneur In Kosovo is not easy. Being an entrepreneur in Kosovo it is not easy. Or better saying It is very challenging especially for young generation. If I would pick My career as Public servant. I guess it would be easier. But I wouldn't be bringing to reality my ideas on how we can improve our society.

Jokia: When I first read your bio, I risk being overwhelmed by the amount of different roles you are recognized as and industries you are conducted in. Chief Innovation Officer at SIGAL UNIQA, Lecturer at Lecturer at Universum College, CEO at VTL Gallery Shop,etc. So, my first question is basically about a paranoiac feature of your career: How does you combines so many interests and manage to be successful in all those areas?


So being able to motivate my students as a lecturer supporting their ideas is fascinating. Recently, we are creating a VR simulation of driving license process and it is done in a low budget from a group of students and supported by me. Every time I am in class, I'm not bringing ideas, own personal ideas and concepts, and theories. I have a tendency to discuss with students’ practical concepts and applying those concepts in real life. We have limitations in terms of infrastructure, in terms of legal regulation, in terms of support from investors. But we never stop.


Here in the company, where I do work, we have a tendency to innovate, and working two three steps ahead compared to market movements or better saying market tendency. But still it is far from what I am or what I expect from this industry. We are strictly directed by the idea of having perfect response to clients claims. But my personal view is that in the next decade, the market, insurance companies will move from claims processing toward prevention of claims or prevention of damages including new technologies.

Jokia: Today, business innovation and artificial intelligence (AI) seem to go hand-in-hand to improve many areas of a business. From your perspective, how artificial intelligence is changing business?


It is related to my last statement about the implication of new technologies, especially AI technology. I considered that application of AI in Insurance companies in terms of prevention of damages, implication of sensors, and other technologies that can prevent damages. Including cameras surveillance equipment and other technologies would create a better environment. So, AI is the future. No, it is the presence.

Jokia: From your experience and perspective, what’s unique and game-changing about Blockchain technology?


People in the world still trust more State than Entrepreneurs. What are the consequences of this action? In the beginning early adopters and people who were benefiting of trading with cryptocurrencies Influenced on massive adoption of this technology. But people were not able to understand fully the role of this technology and implications in the real life. Like the application on insurance companies, in HR and other aspects. People were focused mainly on the benefits in terms of financial benefits and not on side benefits that were higher and better. We came as a society when I refer as a society, I mean as a world society to the situation where we faced price deterioration and people dissatisfaction increment. Governments didn't follow up this movements. People raised questions why they didn't do that. It is a matter of Monopoly of power. Financial Monopoly of power. Still this should be under control of government. Governments are not ready. In different shape, it will be with us at least four to five next decades. People of this sector needs to ketchup, cooperate, and develop in coordination with state institutions, this will help them. This will make much easier, much faster.