ABI Research: AI-powered utility metering and video surveillance to dominate smart city market

2020/01/22 Innoverview Read

The latest smart cities market data report by ABI Research has predicted that smart utility metering and video surveillance would hold a significant portion of the smart city segment, with the number of connections representing 87% of the total number of smart city connections by 2026.

According to the report, though surveillance cameras with embedded AI computing capabilities from vendors like NVIDIA are already being deployed, low latency 5G connectivity will allow real-time local response management in the future by utilising powerful cloud-based AI capabilities. Usually, both metering and surveillance IoT connectivity are increasingly being embedded in the wider strategies and concepts of resilience and circularity.

Dominique Bonte, vice president end markets at ABI Research, said: “Metering and surveillance are increasingly augmented by artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies to enable use cases such as preventive maintenance and advanced machine vision safety and security applications. AI is increasingly deployed for preventive maintenance (prognostics), water leak detection and other anomalies, demand-response solutions, traffic management, and vulnerable road user safety.”

Earlier this week, TM Forum released a smart city operations map, consisting a vital smart city design and development tools to assist urban areas in easy integration of technology, operations and capital requirements. Currently, 10 Chinese cities are using the map for their overall operations and programmes, including JI’Nan and Loudi.

The programme is a key part of collaborative work focused on assisting communications service providers and vendors transform their businesses to enjoy the benefits of a 5G economy. Apart from the Map, the programme also includes benchmarks, catalyst proof of concept projects, case studies and an IoT Component Suite for end-to-end IoT management.

(Source: IoT News https://www.iottechnews.com/news/2020/jan/21/abi-research-ai-powered-utility-metering-and-video-surveillance-dominate-smart-city-market/)