InnoKOL | Xiong Dan: Centralized or Decentralize is A Matter of Speed and Stable Abilities in Present Day.

2019/12/13 Innoverview Read

On Dec.13th, We had a fascinating  conversation with Mr.Xiong Dan ,the President & Partner of Huobi Indonesia,talking about his leadership experience from centralized database management to decentralized fintech advanture. 

Innoverview: How would you describe yourself in three words? What’s your motto?


Ambitious creative and innovative.

Chanage is better.

Innoverview: Can you please share more about your educational and professional background? And we’d love to hear what brought you to Blockchain.


I have background computer engineering and database management which is closely resemble of the block chain technology today, for my centralize Database to a D centralized database management system The unknown is the challenge that interest me.

Innoverview:One of the most exciting pages of your biography is your 10+years adventure as CCR Chief Database Engineer in Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3. What opportunities and challenges of creating a smart airport with frontier informationazition?


Basically I got the opportunity to explore when money is not an issue and a challenge of new innovative technology meeting the real world.

Innoverview:Southeast Asia is more than ready for crypto payment acceptance, is that the main reason why you chose Indonesia as the target market? From your perspective, how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are transforming Southeast Asia?


Using crypto as payment has been  Present for many years, the innovation that providing the ecosystem evolve over the years bringing the new possibility  of IOT have further enhance the payment system, Indonesia as the fourth largest population nationit as become the best testing ground for our new innovative system.

Innoverview:Ultimately, the future of the cryptocurrency exchange industry might not lie in centralized exchanges or decentralized exchanges. It could lie in hybrid exchanges – which borrow some features from centralized exchanges and other features from decentralized exchanges. What opportunities and challenges are crypto exchanges facing nowadays in Asia?


In my opinion the centralized or decentralize is a matter off speed and stable abilities in present day,  we have to experiment on the technology to prove it self meaning that which ever comes out the best wins the race. But it wouldn’t stop me from elevating new ideas into services in the expense of trial and error.

Innoverview:From your perspective, what’s unique and game-changing about Blockchain technology? How do you foresee the trends of Blockchain technology for the next five years? How prepared is Huobi Indonesia to play a leading role?


The data we cumulative from the users which could be analyzed by artificial intelligence provides A deep understanding of user behaviors. To better understand human nature with block chain technology would become possible in a few years. We have deep collaboration with multiple leading universities and industry professionals That ensure that we have the best possible innovation with-in blockchain.Only time can tell, blockchain the day. 

Innoverview: A conducive regulatory environment is vital to protect consumers and foster growth and innovation within the investment industry. Do you favor more of a hands-off approach or clear-cut regulations just like in traditional finance?


Regulation provides the possibility of cryptocurrency being recognize as asset, Huobi attached to the law of all current crypto related  legislation. We at Huobi Indonesia is working with the government To export understand and the merging of tradition of finance and fintech.

Innoverview:We already know that blockchain has the capability to offer a decentralized ledger system and many are already adopting the tech. On the other hand, AI and IoT also started to streamlining processes for our benefit. Do you think blockchain based AI and IoT will be the next technological milestone?


At Huobi Indonesia we have already explore the possibility of AI improving human nature which at this point its a top-secret project for our exchange please be patient we will  announce our accomplishment shortly.