GE Healthcare’s new initiative aims to boost AI adoption by health providers

2019/11/29 Innoverview Read

GE Healthcare launched its Edison Developer Program on Tuesday, an initiative aimed at boosting the adoption of AI by health providers.

Edison is an AI platform launched last year to help with leveraging data from imaging devices.

Kieran Murphy, President and CEO at GE Healthcare, says:

“We introduced Edison just one year ago at RSNA to help health providers take advantage of data in new and significant ways.

With the introduction of the Edison Developer Program, and a suite of new intelligent applications and smart devices powered by Edison, we are building on that promise as we continue to work with partners to realize our collective goal of advancing the future of health.”

While there’s significant interest in using AI for healthcare, the time it takes for implementing new innovations is “cumbersome and complex,” according to GE Healthcare.

GE Healthcare aims to serve clinicians’ need for a single solution to assist with integrating AI algorithms into existing workflows to help them, and therefore their patients, benefit from the potential of these new technologies much faster.

Market-ready AI applications will be deeply integrated into GE Healthcare’s vast existing solutions – on medical devices, in the cloud, or at the edge of the network.

Developers jumping aboard the new initiative will have the reach of GE Healthcare’s large userbase. GE Healthcare’s business reported $19 billion in revenue last year and spans 160 countries. On average, three patients are imaged with the company’s solutions every second.

“The Edison Developer Program exposes a number of potential capabilities of the Edison platform, including secure device connectivity, data aggregation for clinical context, advanced visualization, workflow and AI orchestration, in addition to a rich set of AI capabilities for data traceability, curation, annotation, model training and inferencing,” the company wrote in a press release.

“This set of services will reduce the complexity of developing and integrating AI and data-based healthcare applications in clinical workflows. Program members are selected and vetted based on rigorous clinical and technical evaluations as well as regulatory clearance to ensure confidence and security of solutions offered through the Edison platform.”

GE Healthcare is currently working with a range of AI and analytics companies including Arterys, iCAD, Koios Medical, MaxQ AI and Volpara.

Koios Medical, for example, built and deployed Breast Assistant – an AI-based risk assessment for breast cancer that aligns to a BI-RADS (Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System) category.