Wuzhen Blockchain Declaration 2019 issued on World Blockchain Conference: Focusing on Wider Blockchain Applications, Building Better Blockchain World

2019/11/10 Innoverview Read

The two-day World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen 2019 has come to a successful conclusion on Nov.9th afternoon. Organized by 8btc, supported by Innoverview and 100+ industrial media and rearch institutes,and themed on "Applications: Crossed Barriers", this conference proved to be a great success gathering 130+ global leading speakers, 4000+ professional attendees to explore the application practice, technology innovation, market trends and hot spots.


In order to promote the healthy development of the Blockchain industry faster and better, 8btc as the conference organizer joined hands with the attendees to jointly issue the  Wuzhen Blockchain Declaration 2019. The originators says they will actively follow the step of government, focus on the exploration of Blockchain applications, vigorously promote the Blockchain technology to enable physical economy, and accelerate the innovation and development of blockchain technology and industry .Moreover, they will take the lead in resolutely opposing pyramid pyramid scheme coins, air coins, and oppose fake applications under the name of Blockchain or copycat behavior of fake concept creation.

The Wuzhen Block chain Declaration has received positive response from the industry, and its originators include Changxia from 8btc& Bytom, Cai Yige from Tencent Blockchain, Zhang Yifeng from  Zhongchao Financial Blockchain Research Institute, Yuan Dao from Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, Meng Yan from Digital Assets Research Institute, Bai Shuo from Chinese Computer Association, Kong Jianping from Cannan, Fan Ruibin from WeBank, etc., and collected nearly 1,000 signatures of onsite participants  within two days.

Attached: Wuzhen Blockchain Declaration2019

Human beings migrate from the real world to the virtual world in the era of great migration. The emergence of Blockchain is an important step forward for the virtual world to become the real world.

Blockchain originated from technical exploration and emerged from landing application. The market urgently calls for a new round of breakthroughs and transitions after exploration and progress during the past 10 years development. Nowadays, the industry has ushered in historic development opportunities, but the more in the period of crisis, the more practitioners should keep a clear mind, keep the original intention, and jointly maintain the healthy development of the industry. On the occasion of the World Block chain Conference ·Wuzhen, 8btc and industry insiders jointly issued the Wuzhen Blockchain Declaration 2019. We solemnly promise to resolutely oppose pyramid selling COINS, air COINS, capital plate, ponzi scheme and fake application under the name of Blockchain and the copycat behavior of fake concept creation.

We advocate that we should respond positively to the call of the government, focus on the application and exploration of Blockchain, vigorously promote Blockchain technology to empower the physical economy, accelerate the innovation and development of Blockchain technology and industry, so that blockchain technology can play a greater role in the construction of network power, the development of digital economy, and the development of economic and social development.

Let’s Make the Blockchain world a better place!

(Source: 8btc.com)