Victoria’s Secret to infuse AI into online shopping

2024/01/12 Innoverview Read

Victoria’s Secret partnered with Google Cloud to bring AI and generative AI to its online customers in an effort to increase inclusivity and improve personalization, Victoria’s Secret Chief Customer Officer Chris Rupp said in a Thursday blog post.

The intimate apparel company is deploying a generative AI virtual assistant and using AI to optimize inventory forecasting and allow customers to upload and search images. 

“The technology will help us provide custom recommendations for individual customers, catering to their diverse profiles, needs and interests,” a Victoria’s Secret’s spokesperson told CX Dive in an email. “This technology will also improve our knowledge of the customer and help us analyze customer sentiment which we can use to help inform everything from products to marketing to the shopping experience.”

The generative AI virtual assistant, which is powered by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, will offer tailored product recommendations, recreating the advice and assistance provided in-store. The tool is not currently available and Victoria’s Secret did not provide details on when it would be deployed.

“Our aim is to offer a more adaptable and fluid conversation experience, akin to speaking with a sales associate in store and will continually improve over time, representing a significant advancement in digital interactions,” the spokesperson said.

Victoria’s Secret also plans to revamp its search bar by using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for retail. Search results will provide more personalized and helpful product recommendations based on past shopping behavior, according to Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret has already deployed one new search functionality, allowing shoppers to search with images. A shopper looking to replace a bra they currently own can upload a photo of it and receive a list of bras with similar fit and style.

AI will also analyze customer sentiment and identify social media trends, and the company intends to use AI to better forecast demands for different products. 

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