Sprig uses AI to transform product surveys into conversational data

2023/08/30 Innoverview Read

Sprig, a five-year-old startup focused on creating smart, contextually aware in-app surveys for enterprises, earned a big vote of confidence last year, securing $30 million in funding from prominent venture capital firms including a16z and Accel.

Today, the company is announcing where some of those funds went: A new feature Sprig calls AI Analysis for Surveys, which, as the name suggests, uses generative AI large language models (LLMs) to intelligently comb through survey data and provide instantaneous insights to the company that conducted the survey.

Surveys that can answer you back

To put it more bluntly: Sprig’s AI Analysis for Surveys transforms survey data into a conversational AI product.

With it, you as the survey owner can ask your survey results any conceivable question, and the AI will sort through them and attempt to respond with the most appropriate data, insights, takeaways or suggestions — and this includes qualitative survey data like open-ended text entries, not just multiple choice or quantitative answers.

“You can ask Sprig AI to answer any custom questions about your survey data, and it will analyze responses across all of your survey questions to find the answer,” Sprig CEO Ryan Glasgow, wrote in a blog post about the news.

The company also announced an expanded free plan, and new large enterprise customers including PayPal, Figma, Ramp, Peloton and Mixpanel.

“World-class product teams continue to choose our platform because they value their user experience and have found Sprig to be a mission-critical platform to differentiate their products in today’s competitive environment,” wrote Glasgow.

Building upon initial success

Sprig first made waves in 2020 with the launch of its in-product survey platform and Open-Text AI Analysis feature, which automatically groups open-ended survey responses (those questions that ask you to write about your experience in a text box) into themes.

The feature was adopted quickly by leading enterprises including Dropbox, Loom, Coinbase, Robinhood and Square. To date, Sprig has analyzed feedback from more than 6 billion product visitors across hundreds of high-growth technology companies.

With the new AI Analysis for Surveys, Sprig takes it to the next level by analyzing entire survey datasets. Product teams can now:

  • Review AI-generated survey summaries for top takeaways without manual analysis

  • Ask custom questions about their data and receive AI-powered responses

  • Explore new analysis questions suggested by Sprig’s AI based on the survey results to go deeper into their survey data and find less obvious trends. These findings can be used to improve and differentiate a product faster and in ways that would not have necessarily been even noticed by human review alone.

Addressing pain points to growth

Glasgow wrote in an email to VentureBeat: “AI Analysis for Surveys solves a common pain point for product teams looking to deeply understand and optimize a specific part of their product experience, from understanding why users are churning out of a product to figuring out how to boost the conversion funnel.”

In addition to rolling out AI Analysis for Surveys, Sprig is expanding its free plan to make its AI-powered product insights accessible to more teams.

The free plan now includes in-product surveys, session replays and Open-Text AI Analysis. Teams of all sizes can immediately start using Sprig and the new AI Analysis for Surveys feature set.

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