NVIDIA unveils Omniverse innovations to accelerate OpenUSD adoption

2023/08/09 Innoverview Read

NVIDIA has unveiled a suite of innovations to accelerate the widespread adoption of OpenUSD through its Omniverse industrial metaverse platform.

OpenUSD, created by Pixar Animation Studios, is a cutting-edge 3D scene description technology designed to facilitate interoperability across various tools, data, and workflows.

Earlier this month, NVIDIA joined industry titans in creating the Alliance for OpenUSD (AOUSD) to standardise OpenUSD specifications and create a solid foundation for a thriving ecosystem that thrives on innovation and seamless interoperability.

Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, said:

“Just as HTML ignited a major computing revolution of the 2D internet, OpenUSD will spark the era of collaborative 3D and industrial digitalisation.

NVIDIA is putting our full force behind the advancement and adoption of OpenUSD through our development of NVIDIA Omniverse and generative AI.”

Omniverse is meticulously engineered to harness the potential of OpenUSD. An array of cutting-edge technologies and cloud application programming interfaces (APIs) underscores NVIDIA’s commitment to a future driven by collaborative 3D ventures and the creation of digital twins.

Among these innovations, ChatUSD stands out—a sophisticated large language model (LLM) copilot that empowers developers to navigate USD intricacies and effortlessly generate Python-USD code scripts.

RunUSD, another jewel in NVIDIA’s crown, takes OpenUSD files and transforms them into meticulously rendered, path-traced images. This innovation holds transformative potential for industries heavily reliant on visual representation, such as architecture, manufacturing, and design.

DeepSearch, an LLM agent, empowers rapid semantic search through extensive databases, while USD-GDN Publisher facilitates the seamless delivery of high-fidelity, OpenUSD-based experiences via the Omniverse Cloud Graphics Delivery Network.

While Omniverse is undoubtedly a game-changer for collaborative 3D ventures, its role in the realm of digital twins is equally compelling.

By seamlessly integrating OpenUSD into the Omniverse platform, NVIDIA empowers industries to craft precise digital replicas of real-world objects and environments. The incorporation of geospatial data models in Omniverse paves the way to create true-to-reality digital twins of factories, cities, and landscapes.

Metrics assembly, a tailored innovation within Omniverse, ensures the harmonious integration of datasets from diverse sources, enabling industries to collaborate seamlessly across domains.

A noteworthy innovation on NVIDIA’s journey is the introduction of the SimReady specification, imbuing 3D models with hyper-realistic material and physical properties. This innovation is particularly pivotal in training autonomous robots and vehicles to perfection.

As OpenUSD and Omniverse continue to converge, a new era of collaborative 3D endeavours and precise digital replication takes centre stage. NVIDIA’s vision redefines industries, fostering interconnected creativity and technological integration.

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