Snapchat influencer turns simps into cash using an AI doppelganger

2023/05/11 Innoverview Read

A 23-year-old Snapchat influencer has seemingly taken a leaf out of the SimpDAO playbook by launching an artificial intelligence-based girlfriend version of herself via OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT.

The influencer in question, Caryn Marjorie, has 1.84 million subscribers on Snapchat, along with 215,000 followers on Instagram.

“Whether you need somebody to be comforting or loving, or you just want to rant about something that happened at school or at work, CarynAI will always be there for you,” she told Fortune, adding that “you can have limitless possible reactions with CarynAI — so anything is truly possible with conversation.”

The term SimpDAO was coined by blockchain analyst Eric Wall to describe crypto/NFT projects launched by influencers/celebrities that have highly devoted fans. These fans end up going out of their way — in the form of time, money and decentralized organizations — to make the project successful for their beloved figure.

With the use of AI, it appears that Marjorie has become an early pioneer of a new way to engage and monetize adevoted following.

With the explosion in popularity of AI chatbots, due in part to the free access to ChatGPT, discussion of AI girlfriends is becoming more frequent.

A quick Google search finds websites ranking the top “10 Best AI girlfriend Apps to Customize virtual companion in 2023,” along with head-scratching reports of a recent trend with Replika bot users in which the men are proudly abusing their virtual girlfriends.

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