Hong Kong Web3 Impact Innovation Summit 2023 will be Held on March 28th

2023/03/13 Innoverview Read

A new trend is arriving, and Hong Kong went into the Web 3 era. On October 31,2022, Hong Kong, China issued a policy statement on the WEB3 industry, formally announcing to global investors and entrepreneurs Hong Kong's determination to develop into a global digital asset hub, it also points out the focus of Hong Kong's development of digital assets. This is the first time that Hong Kong, China has explicitly put the development of digital assets into action, signifying a key step forward for Hong Kong, China to become a global digital asset hub. In order to further promote the development of the WEB3 industry, promote the high-quality development of the digital economy in Hong Kong and even the Bay Area, as well as the launch of related industries in the digital world, and enhance confidence in the development of the industry, the“2023 Hong Kong WEB3 Impact Innovation Summit” came into being.

The summit is organized by Merrill, a leading global brand of intelligent AI quantifier, and is co-hosted by Shenzhen Information Services Blockchain Association, Asia Pacific Blockchain Federation, Hong Kong Blockchain Association and COINTIME, hot chain cultural media.


New Vision of the meeting, the“Golden Egg” landmark of the Charles K. Kao Convention Center

The summit will be held at the Charles Kao Convention Centre in Hong Kong Science Park. The Charles K. Kao Convention Centre is a landmark of the Hong Kong Science Park and a testimony to the Pride and glory of Hong Kong's scientific community. The Golden Egg, named after Charles K. Kao, the Nobel physics laureate known as the “Father of fiber optics,” houses the KAO convention center. The unique shape and“One of a kind” name highlight the status of the Hong Kong Science Park as a technology hub in Greater China and Asia, and give the summit's opening a different kind of milestone.

Heavyweight guests from the industry attend

At present, nearly 100 industry heavyweight guests have confirmed their attendance, they include prominent individuals from the Hong Kong government and regulatory authorities, market-leading digital asset trading and management platforms, the first batch of licensed financial institutions in Hong Kong, top global investment institutions and active WEB3 entrepreneurs. The summit will focus on the interpretation of Hong Kong's Web3 New Deal and the development trend of WEB3, exchange information on the application of WEB3 in the digital world, and analyze the high-quality and sustainable development trend of Hong Kong's digital economy, create a web 3 industry event.


Listen to the voice of the Hong Kong Government and read the New Deal on WEB3 in Hong Kong

At this summit, relevant government representatives and relevant departments will review and summarize the government's policy positions and guidelines on the Digital Assets Industry over the past year, and from the economic, policy, market and other aspects of Hong Kong WEB3 and Digital Assets Industry Development Prospects and plans to share. At the golden starting point of Hong Kong WEB3 development, all WEB3 builders will also carry out in-depth discussions, collisions and prospects around the development opportunities under Hong Kong WEB3 New Deal.


Focus on WEB3 industry hot spots! The real stuff and highlights in Web3 conference

The conference will focus on key topics such as the exploration of the public chain, Dao, AIGC, DID, NFT ecology, Gamefi and the meta-universe, with a strategic focus on innovative development of emerging economies, in-depth discussion of the development of Web3.0 industry in the practice and imagination of the“Double discussion” to break the thinking of the limitations, to explore new development of the WEB3 industry, new opportunities.

3 days, 72 hours, Hong Kong Web3 experience“First stop”

The conference will combine major industry events, including a Welcome Party, a Demo Day, and a Hong Kong delegation. To spend 72 hours in close contact with the most creative and imaginative pioneers of the industry, and to exchange ideas and innovations with representatives of the Hong Kong Government, Hong Kong financial institutions and renowned local enterprises, find the drivers of the next narrative cycle for the market.

Hong Kong, a leading Web3 revolution is brewing in the east, this is not only a worldwide WEB3 consensus event, but also belongs to everyone's window of opportunity. This is where industry-wide consensus meets and where the diverse values of the new era meet. March 28-together with Hong Kong, the Charles Kao convention centre of the Hong Kong Science Park, let’s witness the grandeur of WEB3.