The 2019 Malaysian CSR Day Opens Soon

2019/08/23 Innoverview Read

The 2019 Malaysia CSR Day is sponsoeed by Gold Tinkle,held by the Yayasan Usahawan Sedunia with collaboration of Yayasan Insan Melaka, Phoenix Magazine, Global Fortune magazine, Tan Sri Ng Teck Fong Foundation. The 2019 Malaysian CSR Day is a festival named after “Public Welfare”. Carry forward the spirit of modern public welfare, interpret complete and correct public welfare concepts, and guide healthy public welfare culture.

The 2019 Malaysian CSR Day has come to the 3rd this year and has become an important carrier and advertised for promoting the development of public welfare undertakings. The first two Malaysian CSR Day have also successfully attracted many celebrities from the city to participate.


Previous Event Onsite

This year, the special thanks to the internationally renowned actress Nina Kho for her support. She is the charity ambassador of this year's Malaysian CSR Day. Yayasan Usahawan Sedunia has also successfully hosted more than 50 public welfare activities, such as hospitals, nursing homes and orphanages, painting murals for schools, sponsoring teachers to publish books, donating books to schools, filming more than 10 public welfare micro-movies, and donating The Ashes Pavilion and the land for vulnerable groups, the establishment of training and shelter centers for children with intellectual disabilities, and the establishment of self-reliance for deaf people.