Jamil Hasan will be the Guest of InnoKOL Interview Season4 Episode2

2022/07/25 Innoverview Read

Mr. Jamil Hasan, the Managing Principal at Crypto Hipster Publications LLC will be the guest of InnoKOL interview Season4 Episode2 on July 27th (GMT+8), to share his two-decade Wall Street work experience and the profound insights on the crypto revolution.


Before U.S. Boomers walked through the doors of Corporate America in the middle of the 2010 decade falsely claiming that “Data is New!” and simply being handed C-suite level jobs, Jamil Hasan was a database pioneer on Wall Street at Fortune leading companies such as Ingersoll Rand, Prudential Financial, and American International Group, Inc. (AIG) for nearly two decades.

Since discovering the digital asset economy, Jamil has been a Tokenized Advisor, a Founder, an entrepreneur, and an author. He has written five books, including three books focused on Blockchain Ethics (a phrase he coined), and one manifesto for his generational cohort entitled ‘Re-Generation X’.