Kepler Vault: Creating a permissive, financially free and open Metaverse

2022/06/11 Innoverview Read

Edison Peng, Kepler Lab’s Chinese community representative and Vincent, Kepler Lab’s consultant in China attended the 2nd Bay Area Metaverse roundtable forum held in Shenzhen on the 10th of June, 2022

During the session, Edison Peng, through analyzing the existing financial system, theorized and expounded on the economic cycle that will underpin Metaverses of the future, concluded that although Metaverses might be beyond reality, but it will ultimately still be rooted in reality and how current financial economic models will still be a key factor in determining the future development pathways of Metaverses. Kepler Vault, the unique self-developed income aggregator by Kepler Lab is well placed to showcase this concept and model of financial investment management of the future.

Vincent also shared that “the red tape that plagues traditional finance will be eliminated in the Metaverse era and convenient, fast and permissive financial investment management tools will be the mainstay of the future”.