Jesse Johnson will be the Guest of InnoKOL Interview S3 E6

2021/07/02 Innoverview Read

Mr. Jesse Johnson, the Founder of Pixelcraft Studios will be the guest of InnoKOL interview S3 E6 on July 7th(GMT+8), to share his unique working experience in leveraging blockchain technology to create products that empower the individual and the deep insights on the market trends of NFT development.

Jesse is a leader in pioneering NFT product design. Prior to launching the super popular DeFi + NFT project Aavegotchi, Jesse co-founded Ethereum’s first NFT minting platform Mintable and also created Bullionix, home of the first ERC721 NFTs to be staked directly with ERC20 tokens (DGX gold).Before founding Pixelcraft Studios in Singapore, Jesse had long been engaged in growing the crypto industry publishing his 2013 law thesis on Bitcoin global regulatory approaches.