MAO Daqing, Founder of Ucommune, and Jiang Ying, VP of Deloitte China, are waiting for you at 5th Annual She Power Forum!

2020/09/24 Innoverview Read

In order to help Chinese career women better cope with the rapidly changing world, She Power, a learning and growth platform specially built for 100 million career women, will hold the 5th Annual She Power Forum at Shanghai Star Fashion Show on October 25.

With the theme of "SHE +", this grand conference aims to lead career women to break through the limitations of gender, space and time, and take the initiative to find additional attributes and values for their core competitiveness, so as to continue to shine in a rapidly changing world.

[Innoverview exclusive welfare] Public account: 她领袖 (ID: ruiwen51), the backstage reply "盛典", free to get a VIP ticket worth 199 yuan. (5 seats only).