Discus Fish,Co-Founder of F2Pool and Cobo wallet | Every human in the future will have a digital identity and a digital asset from the day they are born

2020/08/18 Innoverview Read

On August 17th(UTC+8), the 2020 Global Blockchain Eco-Conference hosted by Alchemy Pay, had its grand opening at Bellagio Shanghai. Jokia (Yin Baojuan), Founder of INNOVERVIEW, spoke to Discus Fish, the Co-Founder of F2Pool and Cobo wallet, in an interview on the topic of "Blockchain Ecological Development and Scenarios: From Mining to Wallet", Discus Fish stated that digital assets have become an important part of human assets. In the future, everyone will have digital identity and digital assets from the date of birth, and all user behaviors will be digitized.