Mr.Gary Spence the CEO & Founder at Yotta Lab's will be the Guest of InnoKOL Virtual Interview

2020/06/16 Innoverview Read

Innoverview will interview Mr.Gary Spence the the CEO & Founder at Yotta Lab's on June 18th 8pm(UTC+8) in the InnoKOL wechat group.

Gary Spence is an Inventor, Chief Architect of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and a Digital Technology Specialist.Gary has a wide range of experience and unique skillsets in the areas of Blockchain protocol details, transactions, mining and consensus.He is also equipped with smart contract developmental experience with extensive pioneering research in a number of emerging areas including IOT, cloud security, malware propagation, intrusion detection, cloud resilience and survivability, software defined systems, social network analysis, Cloud-IOT converged areas, cloud-driven semantic web, cloud based testing and virtual environment malware, bio- inspired solutions for cloud computing, fog and edge computing, cloudlet, and mobile cloud computing, among others. He is also well versed in Financial Technology Specialities, Technology Driven Trends, Strategic Innovation, Strategic Advice and Planning, Business Keynote Presentations and Speaker.