Jay Liang the Founder of HK Blockchain Association will be the Guest of InnoKOL Virtual Interview

2020/04/27 Innoverview Read

Innoverview will talk with Mr.Jay Liang, the Founder and Co-chairman of Hong Kong Blcockchain Association on April 29th 8pm in the InnoKOL wechat group.

As the Veteran PE, VC and hedge fund professional with over 25 years in experience from Wall Street to Asia Pacific, Mr. Liang is a successful entrepreneur and financial professional having founded OES Capital Group with billion plus US Dollars in total AUM. Mr. Liang is also Founder and Managing Partner of GSR Matrix Fund, and Partner of GSR Capital Group.

He is also an active speaker on trade, public policy, geopolitical issues, and frontier technology investment including AI, blockchain, cloud computing in US Congress, United Nations, Chinese American communities, Europe and Asia Pacific industrial and professional forums and a contributing social leader as Honorary Chairman of US-China CEO Organization, Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Founding Vice Chairman of Taiwan Future Study Society, Founding Executive Director of SoCal Mont Jade Science and Technology Association and previously Asia Pacific Public Policy Board Chair for Rand Corporation and Founding Board Member of SoCal Asia Society.