Xiaolongnv live hall takes you on the Blockchain "roller coaster"

2019/11/29 Innoverview Read

Xiaolongnv live broadcasting hall jointly built by Luji Institute and Shenlong Community was held at 3:00 p.m. on group TV and ggate. IO platform for the third session with the theme of "Blockchain" roller coaster, are you sitting still? Live video sharing.Xiaolongnv through the form of live video, exchange with you to discuss the hot news on the block chain industry, analysis of the causes of market volatility and other topics. More than 500 people watched the live broadcast, and fans commented on the event and grabbed red envelopes. The atmosphere was very lively!This live broadcast by the industry category of many media support, on behalf of Luji Insititute, xiaolong nv wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!