Jean-Philippe DIEL Will Be the Guest of InnoKOL Season5 E1

2024/04/29 Innoverview Read

Jean-Philippe DIEL,the Founder of SymbionIQ will be the guest of InnoKOL interview Season5 Episode1 on April 30th (GMT+8), to share insights on his new endeavours with SymbionIQ Labs and The SymbionIQ Foundation.

SymbionIQ is set to revolutionise Health by establishing a parallel ecosystem around healthspan and Longevity. A new way to generate and redistribute value in health using blockchain technology, AI and 3D visualisation.

Jean-Philippe DIEL is the founder of SymbionIQ, his expertise spans both B2B and B2C domains, having held significant positions such as Alcatel's Channel Marketing Manager and GM Marketing for Samsung NZ. He also established a marketing agency specializing in sports, sponsorship, brand building, sales, distribution, and retail. Known for his track record in enhancing brand growth and revenue generation, Jean-Philippe is a polymath and ENTJ, thriving in creative, technical, and multicultural settings. He is a keen problem-solver and business development architect.