BITBEST Set to Spark a New Era in DeFi Derivatives Sphere with Ecological Launch

2023/08/15 Innoverview Read

BITBEST is gearing up for the grand launch of its highly anticipated new ecological framework. BITBEST broke through the core technical difficulties, as well as independent research and development of the “multi-signature & distributed storage”. It effectively improves the security performance of the assets and creates a comprehensive DeFi service system that covers trading, lending, regular financial management, and other aspects. 

The breakthrough fortifies asset security and lays the foundation for an all-encompassing DeFi service ecosystem, enshrining trading, lending, and comprehensive financial management at its heart.

BITBEST ecological will build a multi-functional one-stop decentralized capital management wallet system based on the DeFi ecosystem. It has already realized the aggregation of mining, C2C lending, B2B lending and other functions. Using a wallet address, users can participate in the ecological prosperity of the framework, which consists of one-by-one functions.