Why do these South Korean companies want to develop in China? What is the path into China?

2020/11/20 Innoverview Read

Recently, the "Hundred People Competition of Max Media Investment" co-organized by MaxMedia  and Seoul Entrepreneurship Center was successfully concluded. By connecting Beijing to Seoul Entrepreneurship Center, they communicated with 9 excellent entrepreneurship teams from Seoul through face-to-face roadshows. In the end, 6 South Korean enterprises got further communication opportunities with investors and relevant Chinese enterprises. The six selected projects cover five areas, including retail, biomedical science, environment, education and software development.

This is another "Hundred People Competition of Max Media Investment" contacting the foreign venture market after the USA and UK. For these enterprises, whether they can successfully enter the Chinese market and be recognized and accepted by more Chinese consumers, in addition to the innovative strength of hardcore science and technology, they also need to invest in active research in the Chinese market. Entering the Chinese market is a challenging process. Despite the rising cost of doing business in China, the country remains an ideal destination for companies looking to capture a growing consumer market.